The Meaning of Plus

CITYA Urban Art Event
Liina Siib and Hans-Gunter Lock
Sound installation
Rävala 8, Tallinn, Estonia
Curator: Kati Ots

Rävala 8 is a high rise office building located in the centre of Tallinn. It was built in the 1970s as Designers’ House for planning of rural settlements. Today it is in private hands and office spaces are rented there. The building has waited for years to be redeveloped as a shopping centre. Until the dismantling has not started, various enterprises and communities use the house – from care, architecture and publishing to religion etc. It gives room to thoughts on existing together.

The material for the sound collages has been recorded as interaction between space and indoor plants in different floors of the Rävala 8 house using ambisonic sound equipment in summer 2021.

The conceptual structure of the work is based both on “Passagenwerk” or “Arcades Project” (1927–1940) by Walter Benjamin and the architecture of the Rävala 8 building. The title of the work originates from the dialogue of the movie “Alphaville” (Jean-Luc Godard,1965).